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Brazos River Corvette Club

Brazos River Corvette Club

A club for the Corvette Enthusiast

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All BRCC members join NCCC when they apply for membership in our club.

The purpose of NCCC is to promote interest in Corvette ownership and operations, to publish information on the use and operation of the Corvette, and to establish an organized effort to encourage others to participate in the enjoyment connect with the use and ownership fo the Corvette.

The Southwest regions provides a listing of all Corvette Clubs in the Southwest Region of NCCC. It provides schedules for activities sponsored by these clubs, along with a listing of Officers and meeting minutes.

Do not miss a visit to this site. It's beautiful and full of information for Corvette owners. It will also make you want to take the trip to see for yourself, this wonderful museum dedicated to the true American sports car, the Corvette.

Check periodically for raffles they support, which allow you to enter to win a great new Corvette.

Local Corvette Clubs

The membership of Cowtown always support our annual car show by showing up year after year to show their beautiful cars. During the year they have events that we can participat in, such as their car show and a Super Speedway Weekend (which you may attend).

Check their calendar for information and open events that they host. They are fun group and over the years our club members have made friends with some very nice people.

Lone Star Corvette Club hosts some great events that our members may attend. They put on a huge car show in the Spring at Texas Motor Speedway. It's worth the trip to see all the beautiful cars. Check their calendar to see if there are events you might be interested in attending.

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How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Car?

Consumer Affairs Article                Written by Kate Williams Ph.D

NCRS is a prime source of literatiure, repair suggestions and expertiese with regard to older Corvettes.

The club is the largest source for Corvette information of any year. They offer Technical Manuals, Magazines, and free advice from knowledgeable members. The Technical Information Manual for your specific year is probably the best source of information you can have.

About Classic Cars & Corvettes

submitted by: Tom Boyd

As a member of my local car club we have been holding weekly car talks that are open to the public. They have been a big hit and we are surprised at how many younger people have been showing up.

I've had a few questions about the classics from the teens (I guess muscle cars are really popular with the younger generation again?) so we wanted to talk about the history of them.

One of the kids in the group showed me these classic car guides, which I loved:

Classic Car Restoration: 3D Printing For your Classic Car Parts     

submitted by: Daniel Warren

Daniel loves classic cars and saw firsthand the challenges of getting spare parts for classic cars.

In his search for information, he found this page about printing classic car parts using 3D Technology.

Whether someone is moving cross country, needing a car shipped from out of state, or is not wanting to put unnecessary miles on their car, we created a costless online article to help consumers fid the best information on the shipment, while guaranteeing their vehidle is delivered safely an on time.

The article covers 6 important points about shipping a car:

1. Avoid being scammed

2. What affects your shipment costs

3. Shipping a classic car

4. Cost of importing an American vehicle into Europe

5. Shipping your car to the US